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Amanda Macal was born in Guatemala in 1938. She studied to be a Secretary at the school of Art, Drama, and Commercial at the University Popular in Guatemala. Ever since she was little, she enjoyed acting and has worked in many plays as an actress. In 2010, she was recognized as an Outstanding Women by La Opinion in Los Angeles CA. As a member of Generaciones en Accion, she wishes to leave a legacy of power among the elderly, so that instead of isolating themselves they come together like family to accomplish their goals and dreams and share their wisdom with all generations.



Patricia Veliz Macal, a Newfield Network and International Coaching Federation certified coach, has been a transformational coach, community educator and motivational speaker for over twenty years. She holds a degree in Communication Science from the Francisco Marroquín University and a Dramatic Arts degree from the Academia Universidad Popular, both of these institutions of higher learning are based in Guatemala City. Her education, as well as her extensive experience as a communicator and actor, has allowed Patricia to dedicate her time to design and implement educational theater pieces and seminars with palpable and enduring impact.

Patricia is an effective and transformational group facilitator, spokesperson, trainer, and presenter. She has designed and led seminars related to communication for leaders, community-driven organizing, leaders’ development of self-confidence and self-esteem, public speaking, women’s leadership, personal and group development. Patricia’s genuine care for community has led her to develop community projects such as The Decision play (La Decisión), an HIV/AIDS educational theater project and the Designing Your Life weekend seminar (Diseñando Tu Vida), among others.

In 2015, in a multi-generational partnership with her mother, Amanda Macal, actor and poet, and daughter, Carla Osorio Veliz, a community social worker and community organizer, Patricia published the book and audio book “Los Hilos Que Tejen (Threads that Weave)”. The book depicts the powerful voices of 19 Latina immigrant women who have resided in the U.S. for over 20 years. The book celebrates the courage and strength of immigrant Latina women, encouraging them to speak up and to share their journeys, stories of resilience, victories and to succeed against all odds.

In 2019, the partnership continued and they released the book and audio book “Los Hilos Que Tejen en el Corazon del hombre Inmigrante” that illustrates the resiliency of 22 Latino immigrant men from seven different countries. We continue to learn from their stories through panels, workshops, and webinars.



Carla Osorio Veliz is a PhD student in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon. She is a community social worker and an adjunct lecturer at East Los Angeles Community College in the Social Sciences Department. She received her B.A. in Sociology from UC Irvine in 2008 and her Masters in Social Work from USC in 2012. She has experience working in different social services non-profits providing community based projects to prevent violence in low-income communities. She is the co-founder of two collectives Community Education for Social Action (2011) and Solidarity House of the South (2015). She enjoys reciting social justice poetry with 3 Generaciones and Youth in Resistance. She was raised in East Los Angeles and was born in Guatemala.


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We promote a culture where immigrants understand, defend, and speak out for their own rights as human beings–where they have the tools and empowerment to pursue their personal, professional, and relational life goals.

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