CD Los Hilos que tejen: Historias de Solidaridad, Poder y Esperanza


The audiobook includes the voices of the three authors who, because of their inspiration for Latin women, compiled these stories.



“Los Hilos Que Tejen,” is a book in Spanish that provides a unique space to celebrate the strength and bravery of Latina immigrant women. Inviting them to share their shocking voices. The message is of perseverance, love, solidarity, power, especially the power to get ahead despite the barriers. They have turned barriers into bridges, taking them on paths of discovery and empowerment and a process of being heroines of their own lives, while setting positive examples for their families and communities.

Collective stories are threads that weave their families and communities tenderly. Your Support will be able to give light to these voices in spaces that they themselves do not believe they can reach. This publication is also an effort to empower women for resilience and empowerment and to find their own power. Weaving stories to create love material.

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