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To unite different generations through improved communication.

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To help multi-generational families gain access to education, training, and more…

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Respect | Courage | Integrity | Passion & Enthusiasm | Learning | Leadership | Community | Dignity.


Offer a unique intergenerational immigrant work model.

Create a safe space to facilitate sharing of personal stories.

Create written and audiovisual materials to increase resources.

Network with organizations with a similar vision and mission.

Storytelling is powerful as it brings life to life, which is why the multi-generational work of Amanda (grandmother), Patricia (mother), and Carla (granddaughter) is so critical as they bring to life the vibrant voices of Latino immigrants. woman. This powerful trio not only describes the moving stories of brave women but also makes them part of our collective conscience. My mother Vilma Palencia, who made her transition in August 2015, is one of the powerful women who appear in the now-classic book “Los Hilos que Tejen”. His immigrant life story, which echoes the theme of the book, is woven and intertwined in the social fabric of this nation and that of his native Guatemala. Your timeless values ​​of perseverance, hard work, tenacity, education, and devotion to others will live on for many, many generations to come. His legacy will materialize in the lives of his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.

Roland Palencia

Being able to participate in this seminar with my father, Rodolfo Fernández, allowed us to further strengthen our relationship. Between us, there is already a deep loving relationship between father and daughter. However, the “Generations in Action” seminar gave us the opportunity to recognize each other through those bonds of love that have united us all our lives. In addition, we gain more knowledge about our community and its important aspects, such as diversity, tolerance and respect between generations. For example, by sharing between us, we both agree that it is essential for the coexistence of each family to respect each of its members. We convinced ourselves that respect should be mutual. Just as we must be respectful and considerate of our parents and older siblings, we must also respect the new generation. The Generations in Action seminar was dynamic, entertaining and participatory, due to its content and outline, it was understandable for all who attended. I really enjoyed seeing my father who, at 89, got involved, participated, and did all the activities. It was a wonderful experience. My thanks and admiration for this organization. This is without a doubt the best example that actions and seminars like these are needed to strengthen families and communities. Loving is power and power is loving. Thank you very much Generations in Action!

Karen & Rodolfo Fernandez

I sincerely want to express from the bottom of my heart that this seminar, carried out by Generations in Action, was a truly wonderful experience. It was magical, where the feelings and the tears were the most beautiful thing in this chapter of my life. Generations in Action managed to sensitize not only my sense of humanity even more, but also those who attended. I also made new friends and I thank you for this gift.

Gretta Moreno

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Los Angeles : 1 (323) 895-8749

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We promote a culture where immigrants understand, defend, and speak out for their own rights as human beings–where they have the tools and empowerment to pursue their personal, professional, and relational life goals.

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